Does Your Patient Information Need an Overhaul?

Your practice literature is one of the most important ways you have to present your practice to your market.  Once a year the inventory of patient information materials should be reviewed, updated and streamlined.  This article will give you some tips on making sure that your patient educational materials are working hard for you and enhancing your overall marketing efforts.

Dos and don’ts of practice literature.

STEP ONE: Do an Audit of Your Practice Literature

Spread a copy of every single patient handout you have on your desk or conference table.  Now ask yourself….

1. Does each brochure and booklet carry the practice logo?

2. Does each logo look exactly the same?

3. Is the typeface used for the practice name and address consistent on each piece of patient literature?

4. Does the material look “dated” or is it fresh and lively?

5. Is information contained in the practice brochure current, or has a new physician been added, a new satellite office opened, or a new service been developed since the last printing?

6. Is there a range of literature?

7. Is all patient literature easy to read?  Examine the typeface, the size of type, the contrast between the color of the paper and the color of the print.

8. Is the patient literature geared to specific patient target groups such as children, families,   seniors, etc?

9. Is the patient literature attractively displayed in an area where patients can access it easily?10. Does practice staff have a familiarity with all practice patient literature?

SCORING: If you answered NO to 7 or more questions, you have a lot of work to do to bring your patient educational materials up to par.  If you answered NO to 3 to 6 questions, you should update and freshen your materials to make them more useful as educational and marketing tools.  If you answered NO to fewer than 3 questions, your patient educational materials are in good shape and you can put your marketing effort into other projects.