Woman In The Slit Lamp With A Blue Light On Her Eye

How Glaucoma is Treated

Glaucoma is the “sneak thief of sight” and the leading cause of blindness in the United States. Over the last few months we have discussed the different types of glaucoma and how you can get ahead of the curve with yearly exams. Vision loss is completely preventable with early detection and treatment by our Doctors at Fisher-Swale Nicholson Eye Center.

There are several ways to manage your glaucoma. One of the ways is through prescription eye drops. If you are looking for less cumbersome ways we offer additional procedures available through the advancement of technology. Some reasons to consider treatment options other than using eye drops:

  • Side effects from medications
  • Unable to tolerate due to medication allergies
  • Freedom and convenience
  • Trouble administering eye drops
  • Expense and rising costs of medications
  • Medications unable to lower eye pressure

Glaucoma Treatment Options

Laser procedures

There are multiple laser options that help to aid in the treatment of glaucoma. The laser can be administered regardless of having cataract surgery or not. The laser targets meshwork within the drainage system of the eye and helps to create an opening to allow the fluid to drain properly, resulting in decreasing pressure in the eye. Our laser procedures are performed in our Solutions In Sight laser surgery suite right here at Fisher-Swale Nicholson Eye Center. 


The stents are similar to the stent that is implanted to prevent a heart attack or stroke, except these stents are implanted in the eye during cataract surgery. The stent is virtually microscopic and cannot be seen or felt. The stent creates a bypass to allow your eye the ability to drain fluid and decrease the intraocular eye pressure. 


We are proud to present a new outpatient treatment called goniotomy. It is available by doctor recommendation to patients who have had cataract surgery but were not a candidate for the stent. This procedure aims to open the natural fluid drainage channel in the eye. It lowers your eye pressure, can potentially prevent further damage, and potentially prevent further vision loss.


This procedure is designed to address the entire natural outflow of the eye, by aiding in the catheterization of the canal and drainage meshwork. This helps to reduce intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma. A Trabeculotomy can be done on its own or at the same time as cataract surgery.

Patients now have a variety of options to treat their glaucoma. To learn more about the treatment options available to you visit our website or call 815-932-2020.