No More Popcorn At Fisher Swale Nicholson Eye Center

*Disclaimer: Please note that this article is part of our April Fools Edition and is not true. All opinions of popcorn and cookie brands are fabricated for the reader’s enjoyment. April Fools!

April 2, 2018 we will no longer pop popcorn. Here at Fisher-Swale-Nicholson Eye Center we pride ourselves on being the most inviting doctor’s office in the area. We provide coffee from the beloved Moon Monkey, we have the best TV, we offer sweet treats from Nana’s Cakery on Thursdays, and now we will bake fresh toll house cookies every single day.

The continuous patient improvement team is always researching ways to elevate the patient experience. They added the popcorn machine nine months ago. They wanted patients to snack on something while they waited for their appointment, but they didn’t realize the disadvantages popcorn presents.

“Sometimes I feel like I work at a movie theater.” Patient Experience team leader explained, “There are popcorn kernels in the carpet, the smell is fragrant, and the popping is too loud.”

The change from popcorn to cookies came down to the aesthetic FSN Eye is striving for.

“When you walk in our office I want it to feel like we’ve invited you into our home,” the executive administrator explained, “When I think of home I think of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.”

The decision to bake cookies was a no brainer. The brand of cookies to bake was the difficult part. When the team couldn’t come to a decision they released a poll with the top three brands for the office to vote on.  To their surprise the office was completely divided. Each brand of cookie received the same amount of votes. It seemed a decision would never be made. That was until the doctors weighed in.

All the doctors agreed that Toll House was the only way to go. With a winner declared 100 lbs. of Toll House cookie dough was ordered. You can fully enjoy your Toll House chocolate chip cookie knowing that it got the seal of approval from all three doctors.

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