On Veterans Day We Look Back At Dr. Swale’s Service Days

This month we want to thank our patients and their families who have risked their lives to protect this country. There is one veteran who is especially near and dear to our hearts here at Fisher-Swale-Nicholson Eye Center and that is our ophthalmic surgeon Dr. Swale.

After receiving his medical degree from the Chicago Medical School he went on to complete a surgical internship at the Naval Hospital in San Diego. He went on to train at Aerospace Medical Institute in Oklahoma City before joining the navy.

Flight Surgeon and General Medical Officer

Swale served as a flight surgeon and general medical officer at Alameda Naval Air Station in California from 1982- 1991. A flight surgeon is a primary care physician for military personnel. Not only do they physically take care of their patients, but they also educate them on various health topics. Flight surgeons are responsible for a number of tasks including managing different health programs, conducting site visits for on-location medical facilities, flying, and training. It’s an on-the-go lifestyle, very similar to his life as an ophthalmic surgeon.

His Passion For Serving Others Continues

Swale’s work ethic in the navy has greatly contributed to his work ethic at Fisher-Swale-Nicholson Eye Center. Swale stays busy servicing his patients with various surgeries. We are so thankful for his dedication to our country, this practice, and providing the best patient care.