Other Words For Eyes

By Karyn Bowman

Slang terms express familiar ideas or names of objects in unconventional ways. What makes slang difficult is that it changes as each generation creates their own language.

Over the years, there have been many forms of slang terms meaning ‘eyes’ or using ‘eye’ as a way of describing something.

Take “Peepers” for instance. The whole phrase is “Jeepers Creepers, where’d you get those peepers?” This originally came from a 1938 song written by Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer and was debuted by Louie Armstrong. “Peepers” refers to the eyes while “Jeepers Creepers” is a slang term for “Jesus Christ.”

Minces is an expression that you may not have heard of that comes from the Cockney dialect in England. A song talks about how the gal the singer loves has a “lovely pair of minces.” Minces and Mince pies refer to the eyes.

Other Eye Phrases And Sayings

Other phrases are used to refer to one who is greatly loved. A “Blue-eyed” boy or girl is one who is very dear to the speaker. That beloved person might also be described the “apple of my eye.”

Slang can also be used as a description of a person’s physical looks. When we talk about a person having large eyes, such as the late comedian Marty Feldman, we call them “Bug Eyed.” Conversely, someone with small eyes are “beady eyed” and may not be trusted. A beautiful girl might be described as someone who is ‘very easy on the eyes.”

If you are feeling lucky, you can always hope to roll “snake eyes” in a game of dice or craps. Snake eyes is when you roll one dot each on a pair of dice.

Some terms, however, have negative connotations. To say that one has a “bum’s eye” means that a person dresses or acts in a way associated with how a street person might dress or act.

When you are told that your “blue eyes are no longer blue,” it means that the muck you are standing in and sharing with others has gotten up as far as your eyes. In other words, you are not trustworthy. “Lieballs” is another way of saying a person is not telling the truth, the look in one’s eyes does not match what the mouth is saying. “His ‘lieballs’ told me that he stole my money when he said he didn’t.”

New Eye Idioms

A newer phrase with a negative meaning is “photoshop eyes.” This saying refers to being so inebriated that one sees a person as looking much better than they actually do in reality. The phrase is used as such: I had my photoshop eyes on last night when I met this guy. We met for coffee today and he turned out to be totally unattractive.

While some phrases remind us of something grandma might say, other slang terms have come along in the modern age. A slang term might describe something wonderful or distasteful but these turns of phrase will always be interesting.