Songs About the Eyes Have It All

By Karyn Bowman

While it has been known for a long time that eyes are the windows to the soul, it has also been played out in song how eyes can share the emotion felt by one’s heart.

Crystal Gayle let us know how her heart was breaking at finding out her love was untrue when she asked Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue? We know that the sadness of her heart is reflected in her eyes.

On the other hand, Peter Gabriel talked about how his love inspired him every time he looked at her. He states in the song In Your Eyes that he sees the ‘doorway to a thousand churches’ in his lover’s eyes.

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons talk about an incredibly strong love that seemed to happen by chance and yet, his longing for the woman, his depth of feeling does not allow him let go. He tells her he Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You in a song with a bright 60s vibe that allows Valli to soar with emotion.

But then there are the sultry standards of from The Platters. The one that comes to mind easily is I Only Have Eyes For You in which harmonies play together and wrap around, letting the person know that they are the dearest one in the singer’s heart. When it comes to Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, the mood changes. Our singer lets us know that he has loved deeply. But the smoky residue from the flame of love has deceived his sight. His true love is not what he thought.

That same depth of emotion can be found in the Elton John song, Daniel. In this case, Daniel is a brother of the singer who can no longer see through his eyes. And yet, Daniel is able to ‘see’ more, he is able to discern more about the people around him than the singer. It is this aspect that the singer appears to love most about his brother.

Another song that talks about gaining strength from emotion is one that has been used in a variety of sports movies. Most famously used in a Rocky movie, Eye of the Tiger talks about bravado and strength when faced with a tough situation. When we hear the throbbing guitars, we know that the singer has resolved to do something. He is taking inspiration from the resolve he sees in the tiger’s eye to complete the next step.

Sometimes songs about eyes can be funny, they tell us about someone’s personality. When Kim Carnes sang about the girl who has Bette Davis Eye, she was talking about both the shape of the eyes and the girl’s personality. From the title alone, we know this girl is demanding as well as smarter than most. You should probably always be ready for a bumpy ride with this girl.

Lastly, there are songs that are old, and yet seem to still be truthful. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling may tell us about love and luck. But the singer also tells us that the love of his life has a tear in her eye. He wishes for it to go away because he never wants her to be sad. Instead, he prefers that she be happy and know that when she is smiling he can almost hear angels singing. And who does want that when they see their love, Irish or not, smiling.