Supporting An Active Lifestyle with Visian ICL

It’s been a year and three months since Kyle received the gift of a glasses-free life from Fisher-Swale-Nicholson Eye Center, made possible by a little known vision procedure called Visian ICL.

“I have spent the last ten years as a mascot for a few universities, minor league teams, and even some major league teams. If I would have known about this procedure sooner I would have done it much earlier.”

Kyle’s active lifestyle started in childhood. He played baseball, football, and swam, but glasses made enjoying these activities difficult. “I have been married to my glasses since 2nd grade. I disliked everything about [them].”

“When I was in 7th grade I finally got contacts so I could continue playing sports without having to wear my “rec-specs.” Kyle tested out both soft and hard contacts, but he needed something better, more permanent, and less of a hassle.

Why Kyle Gave Visian ICL A Shot

Our opportunity to help came when a trusted co-worker told Kyle about Dr. Swale. Kyle came in for a refractive screening and an LVC consult where he met Dr. Swale. Together they made the decision to proceed with Visian ICL.

“I was struggling with eye infections caused by my contacts. They would regularly irritate me. I figured I was turning thirty, what better way to celebrate than getting Visian ICL to be able to see the life ahead of me?”

Visian ICL Is a Slam Dunk

Visian ICL is an intraocular collamer lens (ICL) that provides high definition vision. The ICL is gently placed into the eye through a tiny incision in the cornea. Due to its flexibility, the lens is able to be folded during implantation, allowing for a much smaller surgical incision and quicker recovery time. The ICL unfolds and is then positioned behind the iris but in front of the natural lens of the eye. Unlike contacts there is no additional maintenance required.

“I can’t begin to explain how my life has changed. I can wake in the morning and see the alarm clock without having to squint! I can sweat without worrying that I lost a contact. The ability to see in all situations without any visual assistance has truly changed my life.”

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