The Eye Surgery Process, From Screening to Post-Op

LASIK alternative surgery is a journey that will change your life. Here at Fisher-Swale-Nicholson Eye Center we are here to help you along the way by providing detailed patient care. This is prevalent in the way our LASIK alternative appointments are designed. We want to help you see your best!

The entire process might seem a little lengthy, but each step is there to ensure that you get the attention you need for the best possible outcome.

Appointment 1: Refractive Screening

At your first appointment, our certified technicians will take measurements of your eyes to gauge how nearsighted or farsighted you are, how much astigmatism you have, and the overall health of your eyes. They will tell you if you are a candidate and suggest which procedures you may be a candidate for based on your measurements.

At the end of the refractive screening you will meet with your refractive coordinator, fill out the refractive checklist, and schedule your LVC consult. This is a great time to ask any questions you have that the surgical coordinator may be able to answer.

Appointment 2: LVC Consult

This appointment is where you meet with Dr. Swale. He will dilate your eyes to look at their interior health. He’ll confirm which procedures you are a candidate for and together you will decide which procedure is right for you.

If you elect to undergo surgery, you will schedule your surgery with your refractive coordinator and discuss financing.

Appointment 3: (Visian ICL) YAG-PI

If you are a Visian ICL candidate you will need to get a YAG-PI to help allow proper circulation of fluid in the eyes.

Phone Appointment 3 (PRK) or 4 (Visian ICL): 

One week prior to your surgery the refractive coordinator will call you to give you pre-operative instructions, remind you to pick up your medications, and give you an arrival time.


The day of surgery you will arrive about a half hour early, sign consents, take your medicine, and fill out paperwork in the refractive coordinator’s office. The nurse will prep you for surgery. Your procedure will be done in-house at our “Solutions in Sight Laser Surgery Suite” (SISLSS).

Appointment 5: Next day post-op

The following Saturday of your surgery you will have a morning post-operative (post-op) visit with Dr. Swale to make sure your eye pressures are stable.

Appointment 6: One week post- op

Approximately a week after your surgery you will come for a one week post-op. Dr. Swale will check your eye pressures and remove the bandage contact lens if you had PRK.

Routine post ops:

Unless you choose to have your post-operative care with your co-managed optometrist you will come in for routine checkups throughout the first year after your surgery.

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