Transitional Contact Lenses

*Disclaimer: Please note that this article is part of our April Fools Edition and is not true. All opinions and quotations are fabricated for the reader’s enjoyment. April Fools!

Do you love the convenience of transition lenses but hate the feeling of glasses? Not anymore! Fisher-Swale-Nicholson Eye Center is unveiling transitional contact lenses in time for summer.

Humble Beginnings For Transitional Lenses 

Since 2008 a group of scientists from the Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore have been developing the technology required for the lenses. Transitional lenses activate when the sun’s rays hit them. The lenses absorb the light and darken the lenses. This protects your eyes from the harmful effects of UV light.

In order for the transitions to work in the contact lenses the Singapore team had to overcome logistical obstacles such as

  • Applying the transition dye to the lens without destroying it
  • The speed performance of the transition
  • Safety precautions

After many years of trial and error, the team has finally released them to doctor’s offices across the world.

The First In The Midwest To Try Transitional Lenses 

“There are very few offices in the country who are willing to try these lenses and I believe we are one of the only offices in the Midwest.” the doctor explained, “Several of my patients do not like the feeling of wearing glasses but don’t want to pay for LASIK eye surgery.”

To increase the popularity FSN Eye will be offering them at a ridiculously low cost.

“This is one of the best marketing strategies we’ve ever had,” the executive administrator explained, “people from all over the Midwest will be coming here. I fully expect business to skyrocket.”

We Help You See Your Best 

How cheap will these lenses be? The out of pocket cost after insurance could be anywhere from $20 to $150. Transitional contact lenses will be available April 32018. At FSNv Eye we help you see your best and now we can help you see your best in every situation.

Visit or call 815-932-2020 to learn that this is FAKE NEWS! April Fools!