What Is Visian ICL?

STAAR Surgical’s Visian ICL has a proven track record of providing improved quality of vision. When compared to other surgical vision correction procedures, the Visian ICL delivers sharper vision and high patient satisfaction. The immediate improvement of vision quality and the remarkably short and painless recovery creates a unique “WOW!” factor you will notice immediately.

The Visian ICL is the procedure of choice for patients who need and expect higher quality results in performance and safety. In fact, the US Military has embraced the Visian ICL because of the reliable visual clarity it achieves. The Visian ICL is clearly the choice for patient with an active lifestyle and those who cannot accept anything less than the highest quality of vision.

What It Is and How It Works

The Visian ICL is an Implantable Collamer Lens that works with the eye to correct vision. Unlike traditional contact lenses that go on the surface of the eye, the Visian ICL is positioned inside the eye between the iris (the colored part of the eye) and the natural lens where it stays indefinitely. If your vision changes dramatically, however, it can be removed from the eye.

Technologically Advanced Lens Material 

Unlike other lenses, the Visian ICL is made from Collamer, a technologically advanced lens material exclusive to STAAR Surgical. Because of the collagen in Collamer, it is biocompatible with the eye (not seen as a foreign object to the body) and provides exceptional quality of vision. The lens rests quietly in position while accurately correcting vision. The Visian ICL is the best choice lens that is going to remain inside your eye for a lifetime.

The Visian ICL Advantages

High Definition Vision

For years, the only method of permanent vision correction that didn’t involve glasses or contact lenses was corrective laser eye surgery. With the advent of the Visian ICL, however, that’s all changed. Now, you can enjoy “High Definition Visian ™” – a new level of vision correction that’s sharper, clearer, more vivid, and has greater depth and dimension – in a simple, 15-minute outpatient procedure.

The “Wow” Factor

After the simple 15-minute outpatient procedure, patients experience an immediate improvement in vision quality and are “Wowed” by the results. In fact, the quality of vision achieved is many times often better than any previous vision correction solution.

Designed to be Permanent, Yet Is Removable

One of the important advantages of the Visian ICL is that while it can permanently correct your vision, the lens can be simply removed and/or replaced if necessary. Also, concerns involving the cornea typically do not apply to the Visian ICL, as no natural cornea tissue is permanently removed or reshaped in any way during implantation.

Invisible and Undetectable

Because the Visian ICL is positioned between the iris and natural lens, the lens is invisible to both the patient and any observer. Also, its positioning in the eye maintains normal iris function and promotes stability.

Does Not Cause Dry Eye

Visian ICL does not cause or contribute to dry eyes. If you have dry eyes, ask your doctor if the Visian ICL may be the best vision correction option for you.

Short Recovery Time

The recovery for the Visian ICL is quick and pain-free, and may be as little as one day, due to the very small size of the opening required. Patients typically experience minimal discomfort, and many times go back to work the next day.

UV Protection

Long-term exposure to UV radiation can damage the eyes; and longer term or more intense exposure increases the change of eye disorders including the development of cataracts and some retinal problems. As an added feature, the Visian ICL advanced lens material contains a UV blocker that actually prevents harmful UVA and UVB rays from entering the eye, possible preventing the development of UV related eye disorders.

Treatment Flexibility for the Future

Your vision changes as you grow older and eventually almost everyone will need cataract surgery. An important benefit with the Visian ICL is that you have options for future treatments. Because Visian ICL maintains the structure of the eye, the lens can be removed and replaced if your vision changes substantially, or if you have another procedure at any time.

Excellent Safety Profile

The Visian ICL has an excellent safety profile compared to other procedures. Studies have shown that the Visian ICL provides one of the best postoperative results of all refractive procedures available with a patient satisfaction rate of over 99%. Since 1997, more than a quarter of a million Visian ICL procedures have been preformed worldwide.

The Ultimate Performance for the Ultimate in Satisfaction

When nothing less than ultimate vision performance will do, super athletes and elite US Military personnel choose the Visian ICL. Why? Because they had a choice and they chose the best technology for their individual vision needs. There have been over 250, 000 patient eyes treated worldwide – are you ready to get the best in performance and satisfaction for your eyes?

Superior Technology for Super Athletes

In 2008 Team USA bobsled pilot Steven Holcomb almost have up the sport because of his poor vision. He could no longer compete with contact lenses and other treatment options did not hit his individual needs.

After the Visian ICL procedure Holcomb not only achieved 20/20 vision, he went to win the gold medal at both the 2009 World Championships and 2010 Olympics.

“It was about ten minutes, and as soon as I was up I could see 20/20. It’s been pretty incredible ever since and literally a year later I’m a world champion.”

Nothing Less Than Ultimate Vision Performance

Since 2006, the Visian ICL has been improving the vision of the bravest people in our nation under the harshest conditions imaginable. In fact surgeons in the US Military have implanted over 5,000 Visian ICLs with results that are nothing short of heroic.

  • More than 98% of patients had 20/20 visual acuity or better
  • 100% were able to see better than before surgery wearing contacts or glasses
  • 100% believe they function and perform better

If the Visian ICL can meet the demands of soldiers in the US Military, imagine what it can do for you!

You should carefully review all of the benefits and risks of the Visian ICL eye surgery with your eye physician before making the decision to proceed with the procedure.  The appearance of name-brand products in this article does not constitute endorsement be the Department of the Army. Department of Defense of the U.S. Government of the information, products or services contained therein.  Visian ICL is a Trademark of STAAR Surgical Company.

Source: STAAR Surgical Company

Watch this video to learn about the Visian ICL. Proven safe and effective, the advantages to the Visian ICL are clear with benefits the can go beyond LASIK.

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